My name is Jackson Parodi, and I'm a musician living in Orlando, Florida. Playing piano and accordion primarily, I've been working in music for over ten years. In addition to live performances, I operate a YouTube channel and upload 5+ music videos every month. Online livestreaming is another of my sectors - I regularly perform live as a Partner on

My repertory consists of no fewer than 250 songs which represent a sizable swath of genres and styles including: jazz, pop, rock, video game music, film scores, folk, showtunes, country, and western.

I've performed at video game events including Games Done Quick, Zeldathon, MAGFest, MomoCon, and Mario Masters Colosseum. Several of these shows are charity events, and I've contributed in raising money for charities such as St. Jude, Direct Relief, Child's Play, and the WILD Foundation.